Ethtetic Salon "Ambra"

We offer total relaxation of the entire body from head to toe.

Operating Hour   16:00 ~ 24:00 (Reception / 23:30)

*Previous reservation is necessary for massages. 

Ethtetic Menu


<30 mins> Half Body Treatment | ¥4320

Neck, shoulder ~ back, lower back (back side only) treatment

<60 mins> Full Body Treatment - Short | ¥8640

Neck, shoulder ~ back, lower back, legs (both sides) treatment

<90 mins> Full Body Treatment | ¥12960

Neck, shoulder, decolletage, arms ~ back, lower back, arms, legs (both sides) treatment


<40 mins> Otegaru Course (Light)           ¥4950

<60 mins> Basic Course                             ¥7150

<90 mins> Full Course                                ¥10450
*Courses above are extendable (¥1100/10mins)
*All treatment will be done by hands only. This is not medical treatment. 
*Price above include taxes.