About Rooms & Reservations

  • Q: Are toilet and shower room separated in the room?

A: Toilet and shower room of Japanese-style room are seperated with the exception of Western-style room. For the toilet, all rooms are equipped with "Washlet" conditioning.

  • Q: What time is for Check-in, check-out?

A: Check-in: 15:00~ ; check-out: ~10:00am.

  • Q: What time is the latest check in time?

A: If you plan to have dinner at in-house restaurant, check in should be done till 18:00. Please call us to let us know if you are later than 18:00.

  • Q: Where should we keep our valuables in the hotel?

A: Every room has a security box equipped for you to use, and you may also keep them at our front desk.

  • Q: Is there an Ice-making machine in your property?

A: We are sorry, but there is no Ice-making machine in the room. You may order by phone to the front desk, surcharge may cost. 350 JPY (including tax) / bag

  • Q: Do you have yukata (Japanese bath rope) for children?

A: Yukata for children: LL (122cm~ 133cm), L (111cm ~ 115cm), M (101cm ~ 105cm), S (76cm ~ 80cm)

For adults, XL (176cm ~), L (166am~ 175am), M (156cm~ 165cm), S (~ 155cm)

  • Q: Do you put home delivery service from the hotel?

A: We have that service at the gift shop "Kitano Machi" on the first floor during 7:00~10:30,15:00~21:00. (Japan domestic delivery only)